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Diwakar Memorial School Project Proposal

 Subject: Regarding project proposal
This is to state that Diwakar Memorial School, which operates under Someshwor Public Educational Trust, is a public run not-for-profit academic institution. This project proposal is forwarded in order to accomplish the plans that are devised for the school to improvise it with the changing paradigm in the field of teaching learning and to produce the competitive human resource for the nation. Educating 400 children of the grassroots, this school lies in the central part of Madi area. The children, who suffer from abject poverty and represent the marginalized and hardworking farmer family, are actively studying in the school in shaping their bright future.
We, at this juncture, would like to proudly inform you that because of the invaluable love and aspirations of the locals the school has started the classes up to lower secondary level within a very short period of its establishment and we seek your kind cooperation to enable this school to run up to secondary level then to prepare foundations for higher secondary level in near future. The people of Madi, through Diwakar Memorial School, would be very grateful provided we meet our expectations on the ground of your support. We assure you that the children from the oppressed, marginalized, indigenous (Tharus, Darai, Bote) class and Janajatis and the Dalits will directly benefit from the aid you offer. Finally, we look forward to receiving your valuable cooperation to help develop our nation through this school.
Thanking you.

Oba Nath Pandey                                                                                             Janak Raj Bhusal
Chairperson                                                                                                                 Principal
School Management Committee                                             

Diwakar Memorial School Project Proposal
       Madi, that constitutes four VDCs Ayodhyapuri, Kalyanpur, Baghauda and Gardhi, is situated 42 kilometers south from the headquarters of Chitwan. Despite the unlimited potential, it is still among the least developed vallies of central Nepal. It has Someshwor Mountain Range (Indian Boarder) in the south, Chitwan National Park in the east, the west and the north. More than 70 thousand people in this geographically ruralvalley have been living in hue and cry due to the exploitation from Indian Security Officials, floods, least access in transportation and zero access to electricity.
      Scientific and qualitative education system and management also is what Madi is lacking till date. To talk about the access in education there are only one Public Campus, two Community Higher Secondary Schools, five Secondary Schools, six Lower Secondary Schools and thirty-four Primary Schools. Similarly as a private venture there are one Secondary School, three Lower Secondary Schools and two Primary Schools.
       Diwakar Memorial School was established as an alternative not-for-profit academic institution run under Someshwor Public Educational Trust with an ultimate end of providing affordable quality education, for the grassroots do not have access in scientific education due to poor management in General Schools and the extreme commercialization of the private  sectors.
       The school aims to produce the competitive human resource aware with scientific changing paradigms and practical acquaintance. It is committed to offer teaching and learning keeping everyone abreast of modern technology such as computer, email internet, television and audio-visual teaching materials.
        The trust had been registered to Central Development Region Education Directorate, Sanothimi on 2066-11-18 and has been launching the mission since Baishakh, 2067 after receiving permission from the District Education Office, Chitwan. Though it is limited up to grade Eight, it is expected to extend to Secondary Level by 2072.
        Most of the children, out of 410, who study in the school, are from the marginalized and indigenous groups such as the Dalits, Tharus and Darais. The children from the families of martyrs, conflict victims during the insurgency period and underprivileged groups and bright and hard-working children are granted full and partial scholarships. Solely run with public efforts, the school has been offering computer education right from grade two with nine computers installed with email and internet. It has been proved to be an oasis in the field of education. The school has been able to collect the great aspirations and cooperation from the locals, local organizations and government bodies.
      Endorsing the adage that education is right, the main objective of the school is to provide scientific and quality education. Further, the school has a motto of holistic development of every child that comes under the umbrella of this school using the best teaching materials and resource persons available. This school is prone to adopt costly solar energy to address the power crisis in the area.

       To go with the sea change that has been taking place in the field of teaching learning, this school is in dire need of some other annex projects. The proposed projects appear as follow:
Projects                                                                                                Estimated expense
1.      Land purchase (5 kaththa)                                                       Rs. 4,000,000/-
2.      Building  construction (Primary/Lower Secondary Block)       Rs.8,300,000/-
3.      School bus purchase (2)                                                                      Rs. 5,000,000/-
4.      Solar System (2000 watt)                                                         Rs. 550,000/-
5.      10 pcs. Computer with Furniture                                             Rs. 350,000/-
6.      Pure drinking water                                                                  Rs. 250,000/-
7.      Spots materials                                                                         Rs. 220,000/-
8.      Science laboratory                                                                   Rs. 250,000/-
9.      School library                                                                          Rs. 250,000/-
10.  Nursery classroom management                                                          Rs. 110,000/-
11.  Ambulance purchase                                                               Rs. 1,500,000/-
12.  Software and printer for Account and Exam                           Rs. 110,000/-
“Your aid to the school, school’s contribution to the development of nation”

Oba NathPandey                                                                                              Janak Raj Bhusal
Chairperson                                                                                                     Principal
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